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Fast Food

Summersville, WV

Call Now: (681) 355-0267

Although hot dogs originate from the town of Frankfurt, Germany, they have quickly become a household American favorite over the years. Hot dogs are great as a quick snack or on-the-go meal. At Buns, our hot dogs are 100% real American beef. We've been serving up some delicious dogs and sandwiches for many years to Summersville and its surrounding areas.

The reason hot dogs are so popular among Americans is because everyone can enjoy them. They are enjoyable with any number of toppings; some like them plain with just a tad bit of ketchup and some love them with everything from onions and slaw to chilli and cheese. At Buns, we serve up all sorts of delicious toppings on our dogs. We even have several specialty dogs including our famous Mob Dog and Bird Dog.

At Buns, our cooks are well trained and serve up delicious dogs for our customers to enjoy. Our staff all has excellent customer service and will serve you happily when you are at our restaurant. We are located near many white water rafting rivers, so come enjoy a tasty hot dog for lunch or dinner after a long day of white water rafting.

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